Herbalife Nourifusion Cleanser Review

I received the Herbalife Nourifusion Cleanser* last week and thought I would do a small review on how it is going so far (I will do a more informative review in a couple of months so you can see how I am getting on).On first receiving the cleanser I loved the packaging, it is clear and simple which is what I like, I hate packaging that is too busy. 

The cleanser comes out as a liquid gel, and you apply it to a wet face and lather it into a foam. I used my muslin cloth to remove the product afterwards, even though it says just to use water, as I wanted a light exfoliation. You only need a small amount of product as it lathers well. After removing the cleanser I splash cold water onto my face to close up the pores and pat my face dry with a towel. I do this both morning and night. So far the cleanser has been a god send! I have noticed my pores have certainly become visibly clearer. I was having annoying and troublesome skin after running out of my previous cleanser and this came at the perfect time. 

It makes my skin feel super clean and soft and I will continue using this twice daily as I have been doing. The one I have is for Normal to Oily skin although I know they do a Normal to Dry skin one too. The Normal to Oily Cleanser includes tea tree and eucalyptus oil; I've previously used a tea tree water which made my skin react badly, however I haven't noticed it having anything but a good effect on my skin in this cleanser! The cleanser also includes Vitamin A which helps to improve the skins moisture and promote cell renewal to prevent signs of ageing. It also has Vitamin C which helps to regulate pigmentation and boost the skin's immune system and Vitamin E that helps to protect the skin's moisture barrier and smooth skin. So as you can see it is full of nothing but good ingredients to help make the best of your skin. 

The cleanser is a 200ml bottle and they retail for £15.65 which I think is a great price as most high end cleansers retail for the same mark for only 100ml, so you're getting a lot for your money. They also have a lot more of products in the Nourifusion Multivitamin Skincare Range which include a Toner, Moisturiser, Moisture Mask, Eye Cream, Night Cream, Exfoliating Scrub and Clarifying Mask which retail from £15.65 - £38.10. You can visit their website here.

Has anyone ever tried anything from this range or brand?


  1. Following your blog :) i love posts like this its always fun to try out new things.

  2. I've never used any of their products but does sound good! I might look into it some more before investing.
    I already told you on twitter but great blog, I'm following now and look forward to more posts. :)