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Hello lovelies! I decided today that I'd share with you my "top tips" to keeping organised in life. I think organisation is the key to pretty much anything in life and I like to think I'm a bit of an organised freak! To me, nothing feels better than writing a list or jotting down my 'to dos',  it gives me peace of mind (I hate when you have a million things on your mental list just constantly running through your mind) and it certainly helps me to complete tasks sooner. However, this is just my personal way of keeping organised so I can't guarantee it will make everyones life easier. I thought I'd share with you my top 5 tips otherwise this post could get rather long! It was only after realising that I sometimes struggle to remember special dates, forget to do simple tasks and even finding out my essay is due a LOT sooner than expected (literally the day before -woops) then I thought to myself, I should probably start being a little more organised (My mum even said so!) So i stick to these five pointers and so far I seem to be doing okay!

1. Make lists/jot down mental notes
I've realised that it's so much easier and gives your mind a lot of peace if you just write something down. If you have something niggling in your head to do and you can't do it, write it down so you can remember to do it later! There's plenty of times in the past I've forgotten to do something and writing it down always helps.

2. Do one thing at a time
Don't over do it! Just take one task at a time and work through your lists slowly. You will find it's much easier and less stressful than trying to complete your list all at once. Look at your list and start from most important to least, then over the period of time you've set yourself, slowly work your way down the list and tick of each task as you complete it.

3. Put things back
Once you've used something, put it back were it came from. I always know where anything is that I need and this stops me from wasting time looking everywhere for something. There has been too many times when I've left things here there and everywhere! I've ended up losing something or spending far too much time looking for it. Just use what you need (a hairbrush for example) then put it back where you got it from. This way you will know where it is next time. Everything in my room has a 'little home' I like everything to have it's own place and it makes it so much easier to find things.

4. Use a calendar
Keep track of everything you need to do that has a date to it. Doctors, work, essay deadlines, birthdays! You name it! Just pop them on your calendar and as you go by each day, cross them off and you can see more clearly where you are upto on your calendar. This way you wont "double book" or miss important dates. Especially handy for your essay deadlines !

5. Set Goals for yourself
You will find it so much easier to achieve something if you set yourself a goal. For example, If I have an essay due I will give myself X amount of words to write a day. I like having something to work towards and if I give myself 5 goals a week it keeps me motivated and more likely to complete more tasks than I necessarily would without the goals.

So those are my 5 tips. I hope these tips have helped you in any way! They may seem like just simple tasks but they really do make a difference, especially as a university student, organisation is definitely  key! Do you have any top organisation tips?

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