21st Birthday Wishlist

Ted Baker Purse, Miss Dior Perfume, Michael Kors Chronograph Watch, Mac Mineralise Skin Finish in Medium, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Shade B20, Urban Outfitters Belt, YSL Rouge Volupte Nude Beige Lipstick, Fluffy Towels Yankee Candle, RT Starter Brush Set

Hello everyone! So seeing as though it's my birthday next month I thought I'd create a little wishlist, mainly to give my boyfriend and family a few hints of what I'd like seeing as though they read my blog, haha! Ok I guess I've been very generous to myself, you're only 21 once right?! I know I won't get everything I've asked for and I'm certainly not greedy, but anything from this selection would be lovely :-) Along with anything pink, floral and pug related! I seem to have an obsession with the little things at the moment, ever since I got my pug socks..they're just so cute!! It also seems from the wishlist that I have acquired an expensive taste recently... woops ;-) Roll on 17th February!


  1. I have a pug ted baker purse! it was an 18th present from my boyfriend and I still love it over a year on! cute wishlist xx

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  3. Ooo turning 21! How exciting :)
    Love everything here, especially the Michael Kors watch, Ted Baker purse and the Real Techniques brushes - I'd love to try them!

    Charlotte xo

  4. Wow!!! You have chosen great products here. I wanna try out the Mac powder.

  5. Reasons I try and avoid other peoples wish lists - I end up adding things to mine! Everyone seems to rave about the YSL lipsticks. I so want to try one but the price tag is a little scary. Yankee Candles <3 ... Michael Kors watch <3 .. oh gosh! LOL. Hope you get some of this stuff on your birthday though :)


  6. The colour of the YSl lipstick your wishing for is stunning! I really want to try their lipsticks. The Real Technique eye brush collection as so good! I got them for Christmas and would definitely recommend! X

  7. the watch and purse are beautiful! would love a ysl lipstick, i'll keep dreaming:) xx

  8. I really want a Michael Kors watch! Also <3 Fluffy Towels by Yankee, smells gorgeous!

    Http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xx

  9. I'm currently lusting after the Real Techniques brushes too! I love the Core Collection so the Starter Set is next on my list.

    Miss Dior is lovely too. I recieved it for Christmas, it has such a nice scent and a pretty little bottle too!

    Kelsey xx

  10. Great choices, I am so in love with that belt!


  11. Lovely wishlist! Hope you get all this and more, you are only 21 once! haha :) xx


  12. Stunning purse. I love that you are dropping not so subtle hints to your fam & bf :)