Hanger Grips - Review & Giveaway

Today I will be reviewing a fabulous new product, Hanger Grips. Since discovering these little gems I have realised that they're an absolute necessity for any wardrobe. If you're like me you'll always have that handful of clothes that refuse to stay on the hanger, and time after time I will open my wardrobe door to see them settled in a pile on the bottom waiting to be hung back up (or even half hanging from the hanger frantically clinging on!) This is were the hanger grips come in. You simply choose which grip you need, tear a strip off, peel back the paper to reveal the sticky bit ...and voila! Your hanger now has a grip to secure you're garment and stop any wardrobe clutter. You can see my little step by step guide below to demonstrate how simple it really is...

Ta-daa! *Thank you to my Primark Jumper for helping along with the demonstration!* Hanger Grips come in a variety of sizes and colours so there is one for every hanger. You can choose from knitwear, narrow and broad as well as either black or clear strips. They come in a pack of 12 which will cover 6 hangers. They aren't currently retailing in any shops but I was also lucky enough to receive some to giveaway too. If you'd like to win the full range of grips (picture number 1) simply enter using the rafflecopter below. I will run the giveaway for one week and it will be UK only. Please note: You must follow via GFC AND leave your email address to be entered. What do you think of the Hanger Grips?

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