Inkwear Temporary Tattoos

 Are you the kind of person who really wants a tattoo but is the biggest scaredy cat ? (Yep, that's me). Well fear not because Inkwear* may just be the answer to your problems! I've always wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember, I've never wanted to rush into it because let's face it, it will be with you for life and you want to be 100% sure you're not going to regret it. But then another part of me thinks so what just get it done, it isn't the end of the world if you do regret it in a few years time, they have all these special make up kits and removal processes nowadays anyway. However the biggest problem for me is the pain, I can be just tapped and i will say 'ouch'.. You see my problem! Then I think well It can't be that painful if everyone is getting them, I'm just the type of person that fears the unknown! So, I wouldn't want to stress myself out for something which I'm going to dislike or change my mind about a week later. Luckily with Inkwear we can test the little 'wonder-what-it-will-look-like' theory with a temporary tattoo.

I've wanted a dream catcher tattoo on my body for a while. I love the whole magical vibe and idea behind them capturing your nightmares and allowing your dreams to pass through. I have a couple of them in my room and I think they're beautiful. I'm ever so fascinated by the Native-American culture too so of course I thought it would be the perfect tattoo to have. I did receive a sample in the pack but I want it on chest below my bust so I thought a picture of me trying it out would be a little bit much, nobody wants to see there! Instead I've taken a picture of a sample tattoo I popped on my wrist which is the sign for infinity - how good does it look!

The quality of Inkwear tattoos is amazing, they actually look like a real tattoo! You simply peel back the clear film, stick on the tattoo and hold a wet cloth to allow it to transfer for about 20 seconds. They can last anywhere from up to 2-10 days (dependent on where you have them). This one on my wrist managed to last 2 days before started to fade but I think my watch rubbed bits off so it could have been longer. After testing them out I've definitely confirmed I want a dream catcher below my bust, although I want it quite large as the one you can see in the second picture above looked too small in that area.

I think it's great idea if you aren't sure what you want or even just to wear as a fashion accessory for a little bit of fun! You can view the website here and the particular pack I got is here. What do you think of Inkwear?


  1. The dream catcher idea sounds absolutely beautiful.
    I have some writing on my rib cage, just level with my bust (there are pics on my blog somewhere!)and I love it. I'm not gonna lie though, it hurt SO SO MUCH! I would recommend numbing cream for that one! :) Xx

  2. Those are so cool! I need to get some!


  3. I really want to try some of these out!
    I already have a tattoo, and there's so many others I want, but you can never tell exactly what they'll look like :)

  4. Such a good idea!

  5. Ooh i've seen these before, i think they're a great idea :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  6. These are such a cute idea x

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  7. I already have nine tattoos but love the idea of temporary ones! Great way of trying out a few design ideas too before getting yourself permanitly inked! The designs look beautiful Xx