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Skinetica 100ml*

Hello everyone. I haven't written a beauty related post in quite a while now, woops! I like to mix between the two but for all my readers who prefer my beauty posts, i do apologise. However, today I am reviewing a little gem called Skinetica. At first I was a little dubious, the product claims to give you almost an immediate clear complexion with no side effects, and that by using the product you can see significant results within 2-3 days of use. Surprisingly after trying and testing the product, they really do mean it. Skinetica is a unique new treatment for acne, spots, pimples and blemishes. Now usually these so called 'spot treatments' are full of highly toxic chemicals which can be harmful to your skin, although Skinetica is different, it doesn't use all these chemicals, instead there are as little as 4 simple ingredients.

To use the product you simply pour a small amount of solution onto a cotton pad and thoroughly wet the affected areas. You repeat the process every 12 hours, I have been doing so each morning before I apply my make up and in the evening before bed. I have noticed an amazing difference in my skin. I had a couple of spots which weren't shifting no matter what I used, I used a teeny bit of Skinetica and the spot had almost vanished within a day- I am honestly telling you the truth, I couldn't quite believe it myself. The bottle is a miracle! I'm not sure what is in Skinetica that provides such fast treatment but I know that once the bottle runs out I will be stocking up. I even tried it recently on a larger (and more ugly) stubborn spot and that cleared up within a couple of days too, whereas usually it would take a week and a lot of concealer! You can also wear this underneath your make up too so whilst you're busy with your daily routine the product is helping to banish those blemishes! The product actually does what it says on the bottle. As for 'side effects' I have had none, the product is kind to my skin and non greasy too- yay! My skin is in much better condition since using this, my face is clearer and looking a lot better than it did before so that can only be a good thing right?

If you still aren't sold on the product and would like to test it out for yourself, Skinetica offer free samples. Click here to get one! Or if you'd like to buy the full 100ml bottle you can purchase them here for as little as £9.99. Have you tried Skinetica? What are your thoughts?


  1. I was given a full sized sample as well, but within a couple of days my skin actually came out in spots, so it must have reacted to something in it. Apparently it had only reacted with one other person in the past, I guess I was unlucky!


  2. I got a sample of this a few weeks back and was so happy with the results, even after just 3 days! I suffer from sensitive skin so I was worried about giving it a go but I'm glad it did! Cannot recommend this product enough!

    Tamsyn Elizabeth

  3. This product sounds great, think i may get a sample and try it out!

  4. I suffer from sensitive skin so I was worried about giving it a go but I'm glad it did!

  5. I suffer from sensitive skin so I was worried about giving it a go but I'm glad it did!
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