30 Ways to Save £1

Hello lovelies. Today I am writing a different kind of post for you all but one which I find very useful and I'm sure you will too. I have written a list of 30 ways to save £1 -or possibly even a little more! The lovely people at Money supermarket are giving bloggers a chance to share their money saving tips but also for every tip you write (up to 30) you will received £1 -so from a simple post you can earn £30! You must be over 18 to enter and you can see the full terms and conditions and info here. And if that isn't good enough there will also be a prize draw and one lucky blogger will win £1000! AND (it gets better...) if they receive over 1000 saving tips altogether they will bump the £1000 up to £2000 - amazing right?! Here are my tips...

1. Look on eBay - one man's trash is another mans treasure and its cheaper than the shops
2. Charity shops - cheap and cheerful with unique clothing pieces and you're giving back!
3. Buy from car boot sales 
4. Instead of spending a fortune on a pre-packed sandwich have a home made lunch instead
5. Draw out cash before you do your food shop - resist the temptations!
6. Look for meals on offer in supermarkets - 2 for £5 etc.
7. Check out the 'whoops' section in supermarkets - some items only have minor damage
8. Reward cards - save up points to get money back off you're shopping
9. Cash back websites e.g. Top Cash Back
10. Comparison websites. E.g. Money Supermarket
11. Buy things in bulk e.g toilet roll, your always going to need it!
12. Buy multi-buys/multipacks 
13. Recycle old phones - Envirofone 
14. Recycle old DVD's/CD's - Music Magpie
15. Student discount
16. Invest in solar panels for your house (heating, lighting) long term savings.
17. Buy saver tickets if you travel regularly (trains, buses)
18. Walk/Cycle rather than drive - Good for the environment too!
19. Recycle old shopping bags- most places now charge you to use a plastic bag
20. Toothpaste - Cut it open and don't let the product go to waste!
21. Handmade cards for special occassions. E.g. birthdays/Christmas
22. Drink water - It's better for you than a glass of fizzy pop!
23. Don't leave anything electrical on standby - turn it off at the switch
24. Buy from local butchers rather than supermarkets - more for your money and better for fair trade regulations.
26. Hand make your own clothes 
27. DIY hairdressing. Trim it yourself - look for videos on youtube and buy hair dyes from supermarkets
28. Freeze food if it's due to go out of date and there's still plenty leftover!
29. Reuse packaging - tupperware can be used for storage  
30. Turn off central heating in summer, you only need it in the cooler months

Image from We Heart It


  1. Great tips! I am always trying to be clever with how I save money these days! I can't remember the last time I wasn't having to be thrifty haha!


  2. I'm forever buying my lunch from the 'Oops' section! On occassion I have had a terrible excuse for food, but most of the time they taste just the same and the supermarket just needs rid of it. Great tips, lovely! And good luck in the competition. :) x

  3. Amazing tips, love this post!


  4. Good luck with your entry into the competition lovely :) amazing prize! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. Eee I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did, it's so gorgeous and I am literally in love with your style :) I also did the 30 ways to save £1 post over on my blog as well!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥