Money Supermarket Inspect A Gadget

Inspect-A-Gadget is a project run by Money Supermarket in order to discover popular travel gadgets which are also purse friendly with a limit of spending no more than £50. Now you've probably already forked out enough for the holiday its self so of course you want to budget your money in other areas. I was kindly gifted with £50 by Money Supermarket to purchase a travel gadget of my choice. I was able to chose from list of gadgets including an e-reader, DVD player etc. but as I'm not much of a book reader I decided to opt for the android tablet by LeliTek* - I was also very excited to soon realise I could download Candy Crush on it too...

The tablet is much like an iPad but significantly cheaper! At a total cost of £40 (without P&P) you can't really go wrong. The tablet works really well for such a great price, it's a touch screen and basically a bigger version of my iPhone. I've been loving watching Youtube videos on it and playing games, checking Twitter and Facebook... Personally I think you'd be mad not to make the purchase for such a bargain price. The battery also lasts around 3-4 hours too so it would be perfect to charge through the night and pop in your handbag to take to the beach or you could download a movie and keep yourself occupied during your flight. 

The tablet has 7" inch screen too so it's a perfect size, not too big or not too small- nice and ideal for carrying around. It's also very lightweight which is a nice bonus as it won't affect your baggage allowance. I will most certainly be packing this for my flight too and from Zante and it just proves that you don't have to spend hundreds of pounds, there are always cheaper equivalents out there.


  1. This does look quite cute, I opted for the camcorder which was fab x

  2. wow thats incredible. what a bargain price! amazing!

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