Neon Handbags

Hello lovelies, today I'm going to talk to you about the love of my life -handbags. If you asked me what my favourite fashion item was then the answer would be handbags without hesitation. If you looked under my bed, or in my wardrobe.. or on my floor then you'd come across a handbag. I must have one for every occasion! I tend to have a mix between black, tan, white and beige, but recently I've been very keen to get myself on a brightly coloured handbag - yellow in fact. I'm not usually a big 'colour' fan- I tend to stick to neutral colours, I'm not very brave in that fashion but for Spring/Summer 13 a lot of colour has been slowly working it's way into my wardrobe and my next aim is to combat handbags. 

Neon is a trend I never thought I'd conform to. At first thought I imagine neon as quite young - I used to wear bright beads, neon mesh gloves and leg warmers when I was a younger teen off to the under 18's 'rave'- cool i know, so I've always thought in this day and age it to be quite cheap, but over the past few years bigger brands and names have been changing the way I've seen neon and giving the trend a bit of a better reputation - and after all It's working cause I'm buying into it!

What are your thoughts on the neon trend?


  1. Hi Steph! Thought you might want to have a look at our braided jewellery - perfect for summer or a holiday! Bright, playful and feminine.

    We are also more than happy to take custom orders if you have another colour combination in mind.

    LOCOFOCO is a big fan of your Bonjour Belle. Lovely blog! Xx

  2. Lovin a bit neon this summer, these bags are awesome!


  3. I have always and full heartedly embraced the neon with open arms. I need to get myself a structured neon bag like one that you have in the pictures! Welcome to the neon side :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  4. I love these neon handbangs! I have the perfect leg warmers to go with that pink hand bag. I love to match accessories to some kind of clothing that I am wearing. Thanks for sharing Steph, I really like your blog. Consider me a new regular!

  5. LOVE them all! Neon is such a cool trend for Spring/Summer!

    Dan x

  6. Can I please have the above in my wardobe please.