Packing for holiday

When I'm packing for a holiday I always like to make sure I have everything ready and prepared to put straight into the suitcase weeks before the actual holiday, unlike my boyfriend who packs on the day... It seems I have a bad habit of being super organised (although that can't be a bad thing right?) Seeing as though I'm off to Zante in two weeks and the summer season is finally here, I thought what better post to do than a packing themed post including my summer holiday essentials. I was lucky enough to be gifted with a £50 voucher from Matalan for the purpose of this post as part of a Summer Campaign.

My first thoughts when browsing online were 'the beach'. If you're off to a summer beach holiday then it is almost necessary to have a beach bag. After have a browse through their lovely selection I chose this one as the print gorgeous and girly -the oranges/pinks will go well with my bikinis... always thinking ahead ;) I also love the rope detailing and its a perfect size for towels/snacks/bottles of sun lotion too. I also chose this beach towel because I thought this would compliment the bag well and again it matched my bikinis! Can't be clashing prints now can we... I then chose a hair brush, If I've had a dip in the sea or pool my hair gets all tangled and starts to dry with a parting all over the show- if I carry this around with me I'll be able to fix it in no time!

If you're traveling on a long haul flight or you're traveling in the night time (like me!) then you'll probably want a few hours kip as the excitement has drained you a little - plus it gets dark and quiet and everyone seems to be asleep anyway... A beanie travel pillow is perfect to pop in your hand luggage (super light so it won't add any weight to your kg allowance) and it will save you later when you get sleepy and need comfort over a hard table or a strangers shoulder! It is also super essential to have locks for your cases and these combination ones are pretty to look at and will keep your belongings nice and safe (just as long as you remember the combination...)

I also chose these flip flops and jelly sandals which are both super essential for your holiday - flip flops are perfect for around the pool, beach or a little stroll throughout the day and the jelly sandals are perfect for the evening. I love the colour of the jelly sandals and the gorgeous stud detail as well as the embellishment on the flip flops. They'll both make my feet look nice and pretty!

Last but not least SPF and after sun - If you go on holiday without these then you are crazy. These are the first thing I think of and are a definite must. I always opt for a dry oil as well as a sun spray for when I've developed a bit of a tan and want to sizzle for a little... lol! I also lather plenty of after sun on in the evenings- it helps to hydrate your skin and also prolongs your tan win-win.

Do you have any summer holiday or travel essentials?


  1. EEEeeep those pink shoes are to die for! :)

  2. I love both of your shoes and the bag! Have fun on vacation!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  3. Hope you have a safe trip <3 Love the travel pillow btw x

  4. I love your studded flip flops :) Have a great holiday x