The Charcoal Challenge

 Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of  the dessert (was too yummy to resist & taking pictures evidently slipped my mind!)

Money Supermarket very kindly offered me the chance to take part in their latest competition, The Charcoal Challenge. Seeing as though the weather has been absolutely beautiful recently I thought why not- plus It would be a great way to spend the weekend with my family in the garden for a sip of wine and to catch a few rays. They gifted me with £50 to host a BBQ for £50 or under- to see if it was possible to have a BBQ on a budget... although as a student this was more of a luxury as opposed to a few burgers in the park on a £2 disposable tray barbeque!

  • First things first we needed charcoal and lighter fluid - overall these cost £8.50.
  • We then bought 2 x packets of beef burgers for £6, 1 packet of sausages £2.50,  Minted lamb shish kebabs at £3 and Pork and pepper kebabs for £4
  • We also bought buns for £1.50, New potatoes for £1.50 , Salad bowl for £2 and Onions £1
  • Sauces and dips were Mayonaise for £1, Coleslaw for £1.50, Tzatziki for £1
  • For dessert we bought Strawberries for £2, Double cream for £1 and Meringue for £1.50
  • Of course no BBQ would be complete without a cheeky beverage! The Kopparberg was £2, Echo Falls wine was £5 and the Cans of Fosters were £3.75
Overall cost of £48.75 

Well, we managed it! At an overall total of £48.75 we were able to feed the whole family and have a lovely afternoon for under £50. I would just like to thank Money Supermarket for gifting me with the money to purchase the bits and bobs, it was a great way to spend the weekend in this beautiful weather. 

Do you think you'd be able to BBQ on a budget?


  1. Omg you had a BBQ! Now you've got me hungry not fair!

    1. Haha woops :) sorry! It's making me hungry looking back too! Lol x

  2. I love a good BBQ!

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Me too! And I've had so many since its been sunny..woops!! lol x

  3. I did the charcoal challenge too > was so much fun!



  4. Ahh I did this too! It was great fun :) xx

    Kat x Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle