American Goodies

Seeing as though there is an overcast these pictures aren't of the best quality. It seems summer is well and truly over :( I was hoping to get another OOTD post up but seeing as the weather is miserable and on the verge of chucking it down I thought I'd leave that for tomorrow. A couple of days ago my family arrived back from their trip to Florida and bought me a couple of gifts which I thought I'd share (I am in no way bragging!) I love reading posts like this so I thought you might too. I have been very lucky to receive these gifts and I would just like to thank my mum, dad, sister and brother for bringing them back for me.
BR> My mum and dad kindly bought me the Ted Baker make up bag. 

I've become quite a fan of Ted Baker recently and this will add nicely to my collection. I am a little afraid to use it though, I don't want to get make up all over it! They also bought me the figurine. Any Game of Thrones fans? How amazing is the Daenerys figure haha, she's my favourite! My dad spotted this and couldn't leave the shop without it, she even has a little dragon on her hand!

BR> I also received a Belle Cushion (the Disney Princess) she's my favourite and Beauty and the Beast is my favourite disney film too. Hence my dog being called Belle and my blog featuring the word Belle... (Now I just sound like a creep haha!) I couldn't get a good picture though but if you have a peek on my Instagram I uploaded a picture there.

BR> My sister kindly brought me back some beauty bits. I've wanted some Bath & BodyWorks hand gels for ages! Some of you may think that's quite strange but I'm a bit of a hand gel freak and if you watch any American Youtubers they are guaranteed to have these in one of their videos! She also picked me up a Covergirl eyeshadow set and Wet n Wild lipstick which I am very eager to try out.
BR> My brother picked me up some sweets, I am slowly but surely making my way through the boxes. Why do Americans have the best selection of candy?

BR> Hope you're all having a lovely Friday, it's finally the weekend!


  1. I've seen people pick up the hand sanitizers before and they sound so lovely. The lipstick looks gorgeous too!
    Mia xo

  2. The figurine is awesome! I love game of thrones :)

    Daisie Petals


  3. believe me when I saw that you will get totally addicted to the Bath & Body Works hand sanitisers!! iv'e searched the likes of ebay and the bath and body shop uk, just to get my fix ;) haha xx

  4. What lovely gifts, you've been spoiled! I love the Ted Baker makeup bag, have been lusting over this for a while!

    Carrie x

  5. the ted baker bag is gorgeous, i've wanted one for soo long now!


  6. Ah, I want a Ted Baker bag! x

  7. I love the hand gels, my boyfriend brought me a few back from Florida. I really want to try some more of their products.
    Water Painted Dreams

  8. Ooh looks like you got some lovely things- There are so many American products that I want to try- I wish I knew somebody who was going out there (though I'd much prefer to go myself if I'm honest haha!). What are those cookie dough bites like? I've seen them in the world foods aisle of Tesco and I quite fancy trying them!

    Frances xx

  9. I wish the U.K had a Bath & Bodyworks the shop looks amazing! I really want some of there candles.

    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  10. Ooh I'd love to try out the hand gels, I can't leave the house without one haha. The Daenerys figure is sooo cute! I love Game of Thrones :)John Snow is my favourite ;) xx

    Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle

  11. You got such lovely things! I love seeing what bits people picked up or got from America! Love the Ted Baker too, huge fan of their stuff! xo

    Hannah xo | Glitter and Sparkle

  12. I need to own that figurine! It's positively awesome!!!

    Karla @