What I'm Wearing: Gorgeous Couture

Evita Maxi Dress - Gorgeous Couture*

Seeing as this is a rather different style of OOTD I thought i'd spice things up a little and change locations...to the other side of my garden! Also its super bright and sunny today so the wall flower I usually take it in front of was so bright my eyes started burning and I started melting. I dashed to the shade and the lighting turned out a little better (although not amazing). I'm after a canon so once I have that I can mess around with lighting settings and all that jazz but for now, this will do! Plus as the dress is white it was even harder to photograph so I thought my nice red fences would do good enough.

This dress makes me feel a million dollars! (Or great British pound...) and it fits like a glove. It arrived ever so beautifully in a box with purple tissue paper and a lovely velvet hanger. I was too scared to pop it on as its a little out of my price range and I didn't want to break it (lol!) but I would definitely splurge on a beautiful dress like this if I was to go to a prom, ball or if I ever become famous and walk the red carpet... (a girl can dream!)

I thought I'd let the dress speak for itself and wear no jewelry or add any accessories. On my face I opted for dark evening eye make up with lots of black shadow and liner and finished of with rosy cheeks and a light pink lip. I loosely curled my hair and played around with it with my fingers to give it a bit more oomph! 

You can see the full range of Gorgeous Couture here. What do you think of the dress?


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  2. This is lovely x


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  4. Stunning dress, you look amazing!


  5. This dress is so beautiful, you look lovely!

  6. This is absolutely beautiful! I love the lace detailing, and I think you definitely rock it :) Lovin' the new location too

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  7. Love this dress on you!

  8. Love this dress :) I had only seen it in Red but the white is beautiful!



  9. this dress is absolutely stunning. You look amazing!

    - Han x

  10. This is stunning! I've been considering the red one for a while now but the white looks gorgeous! Price is a little offputting though x

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  12. wow this is stunning!

    Id get married in vegas in this! haha xx