Glamglow ThirstyMud Review

To summarise the past month in a few words - we found a flat & moved. Yippee! I am now living in the centre of Manchester with my boyfriend and I couldn't be happier. Well, I will be when we have internet *hopefully* next week - but until then, BT hotspots will suffice (even if it does feel like i'm using a dial up connection). We moved in on the 10th and we're finally settled and slowly beginning to fill our new home with little touches - roll on payday on Tuesday!

This is the first time I've properly sat at my laptop since we moved and of course the first thing I wanted to do was blog! I'll do separate posts with catch-ups and home hauls, today I'm reviewing the ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment Masque* by Glamglow.

I've always wanted to treat myself to a Glamglow product. I first tried the brand out after attending an event a last year, as I had a free sample of their Supermud in my goody bag. I didn't expect much as I hadn't heard of them before - but WOW. The mask literally sucked out all the yuck from my pores and my skin looked so clear (definitely one for the Christmas list). 

After reading a couple of reviews, I was super excited when ThirstyMud arrived on my doorstep. It comes packaged beautifully, in a round turquoise box with silver trim. The jar inside, although smaller than expected had a luxurious high end feel.

The product claims to hydrate, moisturise, restore, replenish and calm the skin, and is designed for both men and women. Multiple uses give the product a great selling point, allowing you to wear as a quick 10 minute mask, an overnight mask, or before a flight for extra hydration when you're up in the air.  

The product is made with coconut oil to condition skin (also the more prominent smell which is delicious!), orange blossom honey to brighten skin and ginger root to detoxify. There are no parabens, sulfates or phthalates in the ingredients either making the product an even more tempting splurge.

I've tested this as both a 10 minute mask and over night, (unfortunately I haven't taken any flights recently to comment on that aspect) but this product is amazing. Although not as impressive as the Supermud on first use (Is it gross I enjoy watching it sucking out the dirt?) I cannot recommend this product enough. I noticed a great difference in the appearance and feel of my skin after a couple of uses. The product is quite pricey however, so I tend to use this as a weekly treat so I don't use it all up so soon, as opposed to the recommended 2-3 times a week.

(I did try to photograph this on the face but as the product is clear it just looked like a photo of my normal face, but without make up. Hence the finger shot!)

The product retails at £49.99 and can be found here.

You know you're a commuter when...

Image source:weheartit
1. You set off for work whilst the rest of the world sleeps - you experience hours of the day that you never even knew existed.
2. Your daily struggle is wondering whether or not to dress appropriately for the morning chill or preparing for the afternoon heat...
3. The Metro will become your new daily read - forget the phone, your signal probably won't even work anyway.
4. You realise that gentlemen no longer exist. That seat over there? He will fight you for it.
5. You see the same people waiting on the platform, in the precise place that the door will pull up to. Oh, and you're one of them...
6. You will have a stand off with said other regulars and fight to be first on the train - after all there's usually only one seat left, the two of you can't have it.
7. You will - on several occasions, face the awkward situation of the person in the seat next to you falling asleep... and yes, you will have to poke them to wake them up when it pulls up at your stop.
8. You, yourself might end up being one of those people...
9. You will tut at the greedy so and so who believes that their bag deserves the seat more than you do.
10. You sigh at the none commuters who make a scene at how over crowded it is and how bad the over-priced service is - little do they know this is very quite normal...

Just a few things i picked up on...Are you a commuter? Feel free to add to this list!

Iconemesis Indiegogo Campaign

Iconemesis are a British accessories brand that focus on limited edition iPhone cases designed by both independent artists and illustrators. As i've previously worked with Iconemesis, as soon as I heard they were starting a new campaign I knew I had to get involved!

I was ever so kindly gifted with another beautiful iPhone case to help spread the word about their new campaign. This time i opted for their Fifi Lapin Teacup case which I just think is adorable, it adds such a lovely little touch to my phone. The cases are such unique illustrations and are super sturdy - so not only do they make your phone look good, they protect them too!

Iconemesis have recently been working on a new collection, and they basically need some support to help move onto the next stage by funding materials, expansion and marketing/sales. You can click through to the campaign here to find out more info, and if you'd like to support the campaign you receive a perk too! For example, by donating $25 you will receive one of their iPhone cases, $48 and receive two etc. 

They have such a wonderful collection, and by donating you won't only be purchasing a lovely new case but supporting a great brand too! 

Summer Arm Candy

As the sun is shining today I thought I'd pop into my garden to take these snaps. I thought it went appropriately with the post too!

Bag / Purse

Hello lovelies! Today I'm sharing my favourite summer arm candy pieces. They're from Paul's Boutique and the most perfect summer pair! The bag is a lovely structured tote, and is the perfect size for everyday use. I chose the bag in a gorgeous mint green (one of my favourite colours) and I was absolutely delighted to receive it in the post as it was everything I had imagined it would be. I was also gifted with a gorgeous white purse that features a yellow pop in the centre. 

I will hopefully style these items up at some point, but I thought they deserved their own post too as they're just so lovely to look at! What do you think?

A Stationary Haul

I have a confession to make. I'm a little bit of a stationary nerd. Okay, not just a little bit... a lot. I just get a strange sense of satisfaction when I purchase new note pads and pens - surely I'm not alone?! I used to love going back to School or College after the Summer holidays because I knew that as soon as August came around it meant purchasing new stationary pieces for the new term...

So, when I was recently in touch with Viking I was in my element. I was ever so kindly gifted with some credit to spend on their website, and I spent forever scrolling through each page. I finally picked out a few pieces which I thought would come in handy for blog post planning (and some DVD's to put old videos on to!)

I'm no longer a student *cries* and the majority of my spare time is spent job hunting or designing. Blogging recently took a back seat, but now I'm living at home its much easier to snap photos and sit down writing a post with a cuppa, and with the help of my new stationary I'm sure there's no excuses to plan a new post!

Outfit Details: Orelia Jewellery

Hello lovelies, just a quick post to share with you the Jewellery that I wore in my last outfit post. Orelia are a concession brand within Topshop and are also available online here. I was in touch with a lovely lady named Rebecca who kindly gifted me with a few pieces to share with you all...

Haul: Sandals

Leopard print £28 River Island // Baby Pink £29.99 Zara 

My favourite shoes at the moment? These two babies! There's no denying that sliders aren't in at the moment and I just can't get enough of them. They're such a simple style of sandal but so comfortable and easy to wear, perfect for the upcoming months! I love that they're such a versatile piece and go perfectly with ripped boyfriend jeans or even pretty summer dresses. 

I had to get my hands on the infamous baby pink ones from Zara and I absolutely LOVE these leopard print beautys from River Island that my boyfriend surprised me with (he's the best!)

What do you think? Are you a fan of this style?

Cosy Night In

Hello lovelies! For today's post I thought I'd share with you a campaign that Intellicing have created called #AprilShowers -immediately the song from Bambi comes into my head! I was recently contacted by the lovely Kristina asking me if I would like to take part in the April Showers campaign and of course I jumped at the chance! I was kindly gifted with a night in kit which included Scrabble, The Hunger Games and some Popcorn. I was also gifted with an umbrella which is definitely needed this time of the year!

The campaign has been created to encourage people to stay indoors during April (to avoid those pesky April showers!) and instead enjoy a cozy night in. I've been very much enjoying cozy nights in recently. I much prefer to stay in all snuggled up with either Jake or relaxing with my family, spending some quality time together and over indulging on treats (not so good for the "bikini bod" mind!)

I thought It would be a lovely excuse to get all of the family together to enjoy a few rounds of very competitive Scrabble and watch one of my favourite films The Hunger Games whilst munching on some sweet popcorn - yummy! I would just like to say a big big thank you to Kristina for the kit as I'm very grateful and we had such a lovely night in!

How do you like to spend your cozy nights in?