Iconemesis Indiegogo Campaign

Iconemesis are a British accessories brand that focus on limited edition iPhone cases designed by both independent artists and illustrators. As i've previously worked with Iconemesis, as soon as I heard they were starting a new campaign I knew I had to get involved!

I was ever so kindly gifted with another beautiful iPhone case to help spread the word about their new campaign. This time i opted for their Fifi Lapin Teacup case which I just think is adorable, it adds such a lovely little touch to my phone. The cases are such unique illustrations and are super sturdy - so not only do they make your phone look good, they protect them too!

Iconemesis have recently been working on a new collection, and they basically need some support to help move onto the next stage by funding materials, expansion and marketing/sales. You can click through to the campaign here to find out more info, and if you'd like to support the campaign you receive a perk too! For example, by donating $25 you will receive one of their iPhone cases, $48 and receive two etc. 

They have such a wonderful collection, and by donating you won't only be purchasing a lovely new case but supporting a great brand too! 

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