Currently listening to...

Sam Smith In the Lonely Hour 
Oh my goodness. This gentleman is the love of my life, sorry Jake. I listened to this album every morning and every evening travelling to and from work when I was a commuter for 3 months - and it never got old. I still listen to the album most days now. Sam Smith is such an amazing artist, he is so so talented. I could (and do) listen to his voice 24-7. If you haven't heard this album (first off - what the heck!!!) you need to get your hands on it now. Thank me later.

Taylor Swift 1989 
Well, I can't say I was always a Taylor fan, but much to my surprise - she is pretty darn amazing. I did like the odd song she released but then I found her irritating. However, there's something about her recently that I'm starting to like. Then Shake It Off came out and I loved it, even more so Blank Space... so I got the album and voila, I'm a Swiftie & proud.

Jessie Ware Tough Love 
I love her. She has the most stunning voice and this album has some catchy but chilled songs - You & I being a favourite, along with Champagne Kisses and Desire. It's one of those alums were you can proper belt it out and have a good ole sing along (much to Jake's delight).

What albums are you currently listening to?


  1. Aww this is such a lovely idea for a blog post! :)
    I actually haven't listened to any of these albums so I'll give them a go!

  2. I love that more and more people are starting to do these blog posts!! :) I love everyone you mentioned here :) Fab post lovely :)