Suddenly Madame Glamour Eau De Parfum Review

Okay so this is probably a perfume you've never even heard of. Am I right? Yes. I hadn't heard of it either until my friend at work started spraying it and I immediately asked her where it was from. I firstly assumed it was Dior or Chanel, and much to my surprise, she responded with "it's a Lidl perfume". Yup, you heard it right... Lidl. Now, I'm not a shopping snob, I love getting a food shop from Aldi - but I was absolutely gobsmacked. It smells like a high end, luxurious scent.

She kindly offered to pick me a bottle up on her next shopping trip and I was super excited when she brought it into work for me a few days later. Now the packaging isn't amazing but it isn't bad either. It has lovely golden detailing and a peachy tinted bottle. It actually isn't too far off looking like my Ghost Sweetheart perfume. Oh, and the best part of all is, it retails at £3.99 for 50ml - what a bargain!

I'm horrendous at describing scents, but after a little bit of research I found that several newspapers have actually picked up on the luxurious scent too and have compared it to Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. It's surprisingly rather long lasting too, I usually just have a little top up in the afternoon. Either way, I don't think spending £3.99 for a gorgeous new scent is hardly breaking the bank, so get yourself down to Lidl ladies! 

Have anyone else tested out this perfume before? What where your thoughts?