20 Ways to Stay Productive

If there's one thing I struggle with, it's productivity. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there who struggles (or at least I hope I'm not...). I usually think to myself on a weekend 'I'll have a nice relaxing one, watch a few films, do the washing and cleaning and schedule a few posts' and then in reality I'm a groggy slob who feels tired and frustrated with little to no energy to even watch a film - eurgh! I decided enough was enough, I did a little research, changed my ways of thinking and voila. Even little changes to your day can make big differences! I thought I'd share my list of ideas that may give you that little boost you need to keep productive.

1. Get yourself into a routine. I've started getting up early and squeezing in 20 minutes of daily exercise before work

2. Make time for breakfast in the morning

3. Get out of bed an hour earlier

4. Write a list and stick to it, you will feel a sense of accomplishment once it's completed

5. Take short breaks every hour or so, stretch your legs & go for a little walk

6. Drink plenty of water - this will help to keep your energy levels up

7. Work in a clutter free space - ensure your desk is spacious and tidy

8. Set yourself goals - stick to them

9. Keep yourself relaxed

10. If you don't get something done, don't beat yourself up about it

11. Do some exercise - even if its just 15 minutes (it's hardly anything out of your day) and you'll feel amazing afterwards

12. Limit your time on social media - maybe just 23 out of the 24 hours a day would be a slight improvement?

13. Do one thing at a time - don't try and multi task, you'll just end up with several unfinished jobs

14. Stay positive!

15. Turn off the TV - Jeremy Kyle ain't gonna solve this one!

16. Try to get out of the habit of checking your emails every two minutes, leave it an hour or two...

17. Plan! Whether that's blog posts or meals for the week, it's good to be organised

18. Try and stop yourself getting distracted, pop some headphones in and get into the zone

19.  Stop putting something off - if it's a 5 minute job just do it and then it's over with

20. Work with someone else - do some studying with a friend and motivate each other

How do you stay productive?