So Eco Make Up Brushes

If there's one thing I absolutely love to try out, it's new make up brushes. Back in the day it was all the rave to spend £30+ on a new make up brush from Mac. Or so I recall from reading umpteen blogs, I never actually forked out myself! I do recall my first foundation brush costing me £5 from Asda and I felt so cool applying my foundation with a BRUSH, I felt like an MUA (this was like 8 years ago now) - god that makes me feel old. These days I find you don't have to spend a fortune for a good quality make up brush. Brands like Real Techniques have probably helped influence this as their products are amazing yet so affordable. Why spend £30 when you can spend £10

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out a couple of brushes from the So Eco range over at I decided that as I'm really into contouring at the moment I was going to try out both their Bronzer Brush* and Blush Brush*. 

So Eco are a brand that have created a range of eco-friendly make up brushes and they pride themselves on their products being 100% responsibly and ethically sourced. They use bamboo brush handles made from sustainable sources and re-cycled aluminium ferrules. They also package their brushes in bio-degradable materials that are even printed with planet friendly vegetable inks - amazing huh?! So, not only are their brushes of good quality and affordable, they're environmentally friendly too.

Verdict? Amazing. For the past week I've been using both the bronzer and blush brush in my daily make up routine. I decided to try them both with powders - I find that the size and shape of both of these brushes are better at applying a powder-based product. What better timing than to also give the new Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani palette a whirl? (Which FYI - is perfection both literally and visually).

The brushes feel so nice and soft on your skin, they're so gentle and delicate and apply the product evenly too (none of that scratchy business that leaves an uneven distribution of product). Not only is the quality of these brushes impressive but the price of them is too. The blush brush retails for £7.50 and the bronzer brush is £12.00. I'm definitely going to look into getting my hands on more of their range! sell a wide range of brushes from various brands so be sure to check them out here and on Instagram and Twitter.

Have you ever tried any So Eco brushes? What are your thoughts?