A Fresh Start: 2017

It's been a while since I've poured my self a cup of tea and sat down to write. I feel like it's been a long time coming, I just haven't been in the right frame of mind to sit down and write a blog post, nor have I honestly felt ready or brave enough to start writing again.

I think I just sort of put my blog on a back burner until I felt the time was *right*. I am completely happy with my life right now. I have a loving family and the most incredible boyfriend. We live in a lovely flat in the South of Manchester together and I've never been so genuinely happy. I'm besotted. Everything is going absolutely swimmingly and I guess I've just been living in the moment and soaking it all up. With that being said, there's always been that one thought sitting at the back of my mind, and that's how much I've missed blogging.

I guess, realistically, I would've been able to find the time to blog - I just decided to use that energy elsewhere. I feel as though I would've been forcing myself to write, or trying too hard to "get it right". The blogging world is evolving and growing so fast that I felt I needed to catch up with it first. I didn't feel like my blog posts would cut it if I'd written and produced them halfheartedly - which I tried on a couple of occasions, but they ended up being redrafted days later. Don't get me wrong, I'm always reading blogs, and I spend a lot of my time still catching up with my favourite YouTube channels. I've just sorta kept myself on the sidelines for a while until I felt ready to jump back in.

I felt that it was only right to mature my blog slightly so I dropped the Belle and replaced it with my name. I feel like it's more me (that's probably a stupidly obvious thing to say seeing as it's my name but you get what I mean...) I didn't want to try and get all experimental because a) that blog name is probably already taken and b) i'll probably end up wanting to change it yet again in the future - queue my old Hotmail E-mail xbaybeexstephx... I know right. 

I'm not sure what my blog is going to evolve into but I'm super excited to get my teeth stuck back into it. I started Bonjour Belle way back in 2012, so I guess it would be silly to give up on it really! I've already started drafting a couple of new blog posts, so stay tuned! If you've managed to get this far please feel free to share your links below, I'd love to add some new blogs to my reading list!

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