Turning 25 & What I Got For My Birthday

A couple of days ago I turned the grand old age of 25! TWENTY FIVE. I was absolutely spoilt rotten! I received such generous gifts from my boyfriend, family and friends (which are all pictured in this post) and I cannot thank them all enough. They all made my weekend truly special.

After a very short 3 and a half hours at work, I was whisked home to get changed and spruce myself up before my boyfriend treated me to the most amazing lunch at Albert's. We both decided to book half a day off work as it was a Friday and we thought it would be nice to make the weekend just that little bit longer. The food in Albert's was absolutely delicious! I would highly recommend going there if you're in the South Manchester area. After lunch, we decided to go and see the new Lego Batman  movie at the cinema, which we both found hilarious. If you're a fan of the original Lego Movie then this will be right up your street - it's such a guilty pleasure of ours! We then finished the day off by getting home and popping on our comfy clothes before cracking open a bottle of Prosecco. Perfect.

I was surprisingly excited to be turning just that little bit older and it feels kinda cool to know that i'll now be classed as "in my mid twenties". It's strangely empowering and I feel like I can officially be more adult now. I just feel that when you're on the latter side of 25 you're still sorta treated like a child. That being said, on the day of my birthday I kinda just sat there for a few minutes and thought to myself... how the heck did I get that old all of a sudden? I feel like these past few years have literally flown by.

Do you remember when you used to be little, and the days and the years seemed so long. How when you envisioned what you would be doing in your mid twenties it was like your whole life would have fallen in to place by now? A bit like Jenna Rink in 13 Going on 30 - dreaming about being older and having your shit together. You were going to be married, have kids, a house... strangely, it was the norm to think like that. I was talking about this with my friend Lauren - we thought it was funny how things seemed to have slowed down in this modern age as to how we thought life would be. We aren't all rushing to get that "happy ending" - we're living in the moment, exploring, making memories and changing the perception of the idealistic life. For some people that might mean settling down and having children in their twenties and for others it might mean travelling the world and partying till you're 40. It's a blessing that we have the freedom to choose what we want to do and to revel in it rather than be pressurised into an old-fashioned way of life.

It's funny to think that when I was 13, I was adamant that I'd have a house, a child and a husband by now. Don't get me wrong, I'd like all of that in the near future but to be honest, at this very moment in time I still feel too young. I'm living my life and I'm enjoying it - taking each day as it comes and not rushing into things but waiting and working towards them happening naturally. I'm getting there, just not as fast as 13-year-old me had planned. So here's to being 25 and not having all of your shit together, but at least some of it.

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  1. Looks like you were very much spoilt for your 25th! Hope you had a fantastic birthday!